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Plum, Cherry, Peach, Abricot

Plum, Cherry, Peach, Abricot


45$/tree on orders of 10 or more Plum, Cherry, Peach and Abricot trees combined.




  • Order Information

    Orders are tentative, please await confirmation via email. Orders subject to change based on supplier. We try to get the varieties and rootstocks most adapted to the region and we try to get the largest trees we can however sizes may vary based on supply.


    In your order notes please indicated which trees you're interested in and await email confirmation from someone on the farm.

  • Varieties

    Sour Cherry - 

    Montmorency on Mahaleb - 25 mm minimum trunk diameter


    Sweet Cherry -

    Hedelfingen on Mazzard - 10 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Tehranivee on Mazzard - 15 mm minimum trunk diameter


    Plum -

    Methley on Myrobalan - 30 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Early Golden on Myrobalan - 22 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Burbank on Myrobalan - 25 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Ozark Premium on Myrobalan - 25 mm minimum trunk diameter

    LaCrescent on Myrobalan - 22 mm minimum trunk diameter



    Redhaven on Bailey Seedling - 15 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Harrow Beauty on Bailey Seedling - 15 mm minimum trunk diameter


    Abricot - 

    Harcot on Myrobalan - 22 mm minimum trunk diameter

    Harostar on Myrobalan - 25 mm minimum trunk diameter

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